Clients Testimonials

I've had the chance to work with many people around the world, both online and one on one. Im very blessed to be able to touch their lives in many ways.Below are the transformation of some of my clients.

"Working with Vanessa has been a tremendous experience. She has helped me lose 25 pounds so far and has given me the direction I needed. More than that she is also a great person to be around. To her, this is more than just her job, she is personally invested in seeing you succeed. She is as good a person as she is a trainer. Vanessa gives more than just a group of exercises to do, she gives the motivation to believe you can do it, because she shows you how much she believes in you as well."

Some people may doubt you, you may struggle but DONT quit!!_So proud of my client _nkos212  for his

I heard about Vanesa through a friend so, I wanted to give her a shot. There are many positive things I can say about her working habits. Her teaching method focuses on how to develop the correct form, if you’re uncertain or not motivated she will push you to break the cycle and is very patience. I believe that’s a real trainer should do to build confidence in you and make it fun even though, it can be challenging the next day. If you have a personal goal and want to succeed in it I would recommend her. I had many trainers in the past and I would say this is the best decision I made, because she made me stronger and also believes in me that I can do it. -NEMANYA

"I have been working out with trainers for the past 6 years. In that time, I have not seen the same amount of results that I have seen with Vanessa in the past 4 weeks. She is extremely patient and pushes you beyond your limits. I have always had sort of a beer stomach and ate whatever I wanted. None of my other trainers had a influence on me to change until I started working with Vanessa. She is encouraging and shows that she truly cares which makes you want to work harder and stay dedicated to her proer program. She is a wonderful trainer and friend and I look forward to all of our workouts

It took me a little while to get use to this new lifestyle, but I can not thank vanesa enough for changing my life. I realize is not just going on the treadmill and doing cardio, ive had lost weight by lifting weights and most important learning how to eat healther.

I am so happy were i am up to now i can not wait for whats coming.

Started with Vanesa  a couple months ago, It's been a journey. I'm learning to live a new lifestyle. She definitely knows her stuff.. Cant wait to get on stage and kick this #250k challenge a$$$!!

Last year, I was in a rut and needed to jumpstart my diet and workout routine. Vanessa was that someone to help me transform by body and confidence level. She pushed me past by comfort zone and after seeing amazing results, I decided to compete in my first NPC bikini competition. I could not have done it without her encouragement, dedication and guidance.

Getting ready for the wedding is never easy. 

came to Vanesa for one on one training  a few month before my weeding. We work so hard and she push my limits .. got to get as close to my goals as I could of asked for. Felt amazing at my weeding!

Vanesa has helped me discover that there is more to the gym than just using an elliptical. She taught me how to grow and push myself and my body to get stronger. Because of her the gym has become an outlet for me to release my stress; I can go in with frustration and stress, but I'll always feel better once I'm done with a workout. I've learned with Vanesa how to stay healthy and maintain a better lifestyle.

2 weeks

At only 2 weeks of my online training my body has changed so much, just starting with Vanesa and I have seen results. there are times where I dont know if im making progress and its hard but she always helps me get thru that mindset and keep doing it. 

Although living in Spain is pretty nice homesickness started to get me and it showed through my body. Know Vane for a years I knew I could trust her 110% and I can tell you the same thing. Me being a friend of hers I bothered her A LOT because I wanted to make sure I didn't let her down not as a trainer but as a friend. As a trainer she pushed me explained to me why this and why that, how carb cycling works. You may not be her friend but I guarantee you that she'll become your friend at the end of it all. She is very knowledgeable and always reachable to answer all your questions. Thank You Vane you have helped me a lot and we'll keep going #teamvane


My client Angel, at only 3 weeks apart from each picture, doing and killing it at the gym.

Been working out for a long time, I decided to try something new and hired Vanesa. My workouts have been so intense sometimes i cant walk on leg day!! I got to thank her my body has change with her meal plan and her training!!

Thank you

Got Vanesas 6 week plan, Started at  145-150 lb .

Just did her meal plan , and 1 week left and I noticed every changed my body made. Weight is 122.9  now and I feel great. I couldn't be more happier, she worked with me to do my first half marathon. 

In just a few weeks, my lifestyle has change, I feel better , I feel healthier, More energize. My body has change in just this few weeks along with all the great benefits


Only two weeks in and feeling amazing!


Vanesa has helped me out tremendously! She is honestly an incredible person and knowledgeable wellness trainer . She taught me all about portion control , importance of tracking macros , changing up work out splits and how to manage to keep the weight off and boost my confidence. Because of her I was able to get off 50 pounds , build muscle , lean out , keep the weight off and how to manage my meals and work outs on my own