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When traveling

It can get overwhelming thinking about raveling and trying to eat good, unless you are getting ready for a specific sport or a fitness show it requires to be very strict to stay on track!

other wise you can follow the plan and stay on track when traveling!!!!

First things first:

-cook your meals

-have a mini food carries

-mini zip blog bags

-frozen packs

-make sure the hotel has a fridge!

once all this are check,

once all is cook, start off by packing your meals on a clear zip blog bag,

place your baggy on the scale and start packing your protein(chicken, shrimp, tofu, turkey etc)

(airport) YES you can bring food with you as long as is in a clear bag and yes you will most likely have that bag set aside to get check, it is completely normal because of the pack of ice.

one all your meat is done, the easiest carb to bring with you is the rice, and you will do the same as the other food.

once you finish packing meals put half on the fridge and put other on the freezer, this is a great technique so that it last longer, and also acts like ice when put together with the other!

Minutes before walking out the door pack your meals and dont forget the ice!

another thing to keep in mind is that no matter where you go you will always find a walgreens, or cvs, or shop rite a publix etc.

so you can always buy boil eggs for example, or vegetables steam already made to bring back to the hotel room!

and get your self some tuna on the go packets this will save your life during traveling!

Now the big question


like i meant ion unless you are going to compete it is ok to go out to eat on your trip,

the reason why you are bringing your meals is so you dont lose your routine of having 5-6 meals a day.

can you imagine trying to find a place to eat every time you hit your time to eat. itll be stressful and expensive!

so this meals are for you to keep in track and so no matter what you do were you are you always have a meal with you.

If you go for breakfast thats fine, then you next few meals you would eat like you were at home an maybe for dinner you go out to eat. THATS FINE.

Also keep in mind that when you do go out to a restaurant you are being aware of what you are eating, this also isnt a free days of eat w.e you want and desserts and drink every day.

Just be moderate anywhere you go now a days they always include a healthy menu or accommodate any request!

This is just an example of how I prep when traveling

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