• vanesa zuluaga

Quick easy meal

Updated: May 7, 2020

We have times were we are on the GO! no time for anything, or something comes up and we have to run out.

Well This is something that may also help you!

I always keep a few of this Tuna packs in my house just in case that happens, its easy to grab one or two for a whole meal. I take light mayo or one of this syrups with me as well to mix it together.

It is easier then having to stop just anywhere to grab food, most of the time will be a fast food place , and unhealthy, not something you will enjoy ! save the cheat for a good MEAL and food you actually want!!!

Dont waste calories!!! This tuna packs are also easy to eat and fast small meal, it does not have to be fancy and mix with veggies and carbs or fats. There are times we just need a quick snack or food.

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