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It is easy to get over whelmed, having to cook so much, sometimes feeling there isnt enough time. Well here is the solution... MEAL PREP.

pick two days you are going to be cooking, let it be on sunday and then wednesday again. (what works best for you? when do you have more time?)

cook different meats, different carbs, veggies)

This way all you have to do is grab and go.


You dont have to measure every container, you can just put them on a big bin and when you are ready to make a meal, grab the protein , veggies or carbs you need for that meal and then measure. (at least it is all cook and ready to eat)

another thing too, I usually find it easy to cook my meats plain.

So in every meal I use different syrup, or dressing so it tastes different.

For example, one meal I may use chicken, but I put sugar free barbecue. On another meal I may use the same chicken but i may shredded and put sugar free ketchup. and so on.

This was you dont get bored and save time.

I understand we have kids, family and they dont eat the same we do.

That is ok! even better meal prepping this way YOU have your meal ready to eat and all you have to so is cook their meals and not fall into temptation of maybe eating their pasta, or pizza or chicken wings that they may be eating.

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