• vanesa zuluaga

Low carb Meal

I use miracle noodles or tofu noddles, they are low carbs and some have some protein. But not using them for the protein just for the idea of tricking my mind that Im eating noddles or pasta when I crave it.


It is all about the flavor you add to it, nothing comes with flavor!

For this meal, I cook plain ground chicke, just alil bit of powder garlic, pepper basil.

Then I cook the miracle noddles with coconut aminos, and added the tomatoes cucumber thin slice onion and use a salsa to mix it all together.

On top I added some sugar free BBQ and honey dijon.

Everything is measure by OZ except the noddles I used half a bag!

The most important thing is to find the flavor you are craving.

for example : pesto sauce , or a tomatoe sauce and mix it! YOU CREATE THE FLAVOR

then mix it all together.

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