• vanesa zuluaga

I LIVE For my air fryer!!!!!

If you do not own one i encourage you to get one. It is one of the most easy, delicious way of cooking! YOU CAN MAKE ANYTHING!!!!

If you like your food extra crispy this is the way! no oily food, or greasy. no need to add any oils.

My favorite things to cook are:

Sweet potatoes - into potatoe fries!

Chicken breast thing cut - into "chicken wings"

asparagus - crispyy


squash- gives it a sweet potatoe taste!

green beans

fish- it actually helps with not leaving the house smelling like it lol

ezekiel bread along with wraps I toast in there too.

I make joseph bread into chips by cutting the flat bread into lil squares and putting them in the air frier !

Salmon to make crispy

any peppers mix with other vegetables to make them more crispy!

every air fryer is a little different so the settings for the temperature might differ, some already have a set setting for fries, chicken, fish, vegetables, and for toast.

for example:

step 1 is prepare what you are going to cook, for example chicken, then marinate with sugar free bbq sauce, set air fryer 400 degrees for 25-35min once it is all cover put into the air fryer I put tint foil so that it keeps my air fryer clean, but DO leave the top of the chicken not cover that way it gets crispy!

then put into setting of chicken or meat .

and leave it check it every now and then to make sure its cooking and how crispy it is!

main foods to look often are the fries and vegetables, they can get burnt real easy!

Take advantage of this way of cooking it will ad a different texture to your food and it will make it tastier!

get creative in a healthy way, you can literally cook everything in there!


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