• vanesa zuluaga


Many overthink the idea of preparing food for the week,

you may think thats alot of cooking,

thats alot of time,

thats alot work,


Well If i tell you it only took less then 1 hour to make food for the week, would you try it?!!

Meal prepping does not have to be a whole day activity, here are a few hacks to help you with your meal prep!!

Here is what I did....

grab 3 different containers first : on each i marinated or added the seasoning for each meat in this case, chicken, turkey, shrimp.

while i left it there for a lil i cut all my veggies and put the greens to boil ( doesnt take long 10min) cut all my lettuce for a salad on a big bowl container.

(took less then 3mins)

Once that was done:

I put three different burners on and cook all 3 meats at once, this took about 30min, while that was getting ready I did things around the house and I check them every 5 mins or so.

Less then 1 hour everything was done (oh make sure to put a timer or alexa or you MAY forget lol

side note; i do leave the chicken cover after I shut off the burner so it cooks a lil more

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