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Frequent Q & A

I made this so that you can always refer back to it! This are the most frequent questions clients may have. This may help you as well!!

Most ask questions!

Here are some questions I get often hopefully this can help you too!!What type of syrups can I use on my food?!Any syrups that are sugar free ex. Sugar free ketchup, sugar free BBQ ,Mustard as well as hot sauce!Waldens FARM!

What about coffee?Black coffee is a natural diuretic, Once we start adding mil sugar etc thats when its no goood.You can use “skinni girl sugar free coffee syrups” also bolero has flavors for coffee you can add on.And instead of milk I use the reddi whip as it melts it becomes milk and actually gives it alittle bit of flavor too! TRY IT!

What can I use on my food when I cook?Even though I only give you oz of protein to eat, does not mean you cant get creative! Like I tell you, you can get creative and never bored. You can always cook your meats with ,onions, peppers, cilantro, parsley,Mushrooms,lemon,bail, oregano.

As far as powders, they have great seasoning powders ex: Tumeric, coconut aminos, fried rice low sodium powder, mrs.dash makes great seasonings, Taco seasoning low sodium is good, Chicken low sodium seasonings, Mccormick all purpose seasonings are great! Everything bagel, Oh my spice.

What supplements should I take?Each person might be adding or substracting as we go on. The main supplements that help training and may help. L carnitine, Amino acids, Lean protein powder, a pre workout if you feel tired. Probiotics, digestive enzymes, omegas, multi vitamins. But always ask your doctor if you have a health condition!

What type of drinks can I drink?Amino acids on your water are the perfect idea. Tea , But also Diet sodas, just limit once per day. Crystal lights for your water. Bolero has great flavors for your drinks. Ice 0 calorie drinks, bang, reign.

What can I snack on?This will vary depending on the person, sometimes I would add snacks sometimes I would directly talk to you to explain which ones but I would call this more on sweet tooth or maybe if you are really hungry and still long before your next meal try this: Jello-sugar free pudding any flavor, the actual jello, strawberry, green etc. tea is always good..... Rice cake with Pb but if you are ask me so I can tell you when. Will be adding on and off as we go to.Snacks will be added for each individual depending on their plan. If you jump right into this question you might be under eating abit...... So lets first try eating more often and the right portions and see how the body reacts. Snacks are good certain times, but not all the time. There is nothing like real food. Craving after a meal to have 1 jello pudding as I wrote before that is ok.

When do I weight my food?All food should be weighted after being cooked... unless there is a supplementation we talk about during the meal plan.

Cheat meals?? dinning out?Cheat meals are set to be at the right time. Please dont have one without being in the plan.We have to see how your body reacts to each diet. We put our body through a lot of unhealthy eating YEARSSS, so you had a cheat meal last week lolSo just at the right time, and IF you do go out to eat, this is what check ins are for and also if something does come up I am always available so we pick what is right in the macros.Check ins will always be before your reffeed day or cheat meal, or dinning out..

What can I change “this” to “this”?If you want to change a certain food, you can always ask me, It is normal to get bored of fish, salmon, or chicken. Even though you may not be vegan we can always add tofu, tempeh , or I will give you some ideas to cook chicken. THE MAIN THING IS TO GET CREATIVE AND COOK MEALS DIFFERENTLY USE DIFFERENT SEASONINGS.

Cooking Ideas?The best is to invest in an air fryer.You can make sweet potato fries, chicken wings without the skin, salmon, white fish air fried. Vegetables . Other Ideas Its to boil chicken, create shredded chicken and then add the SF syrup dressing.Cooking with taco seasonings, coconut amino as well.

BOIL LOT OF CHICKEN, use different seasonings and SF syrups once is cook to change the taste. Texture . Be creative . Ground turkey make patties, turkey meatloaf, mix it with onions peppers mushroom. Create your own chipotle bowl if you get rice, or maybe if you get a wheat wrap do a chicken wrap with lettuce or the wheat wrap, breakfast wrap or ezekiel bread you can create a egg toast with egg in the middle.. Create your own plate just use the oz Im giving you of protein and carbs or fats to create what you crave.Or If you are like me... I like my plain boring food. And thats ok too.

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