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Finding the right snack...

Snacks are good if you are really craving something or extremely hungry.. The main thing is to NOT over eat any snack.. Sure almonds are great or nuts in general.. but fats have 9 calories per g . So it is easy for calories to add up from them.

They are healthy but they can be easy to over eat and still not get you full!

So this baby food has become my new go to!

If you are a person who craves chips, this will do the trick!!!!! They have different flavors and different types. So easy to mix and the macros are macro friendly!

You can measure 1 serving to make sure not to over due it.

Snacks are suppose to be snacks they should keep you full enough were you wont be hungry for your next meal.

Thats when snacks become "dangerous"

where you start skipping your next meal because you are full from snacking.

Which brings me to the next point, do not keep on snacking throughout a long period of time. Meaning if you have your snack make sure is how i like to call it in 1 sitting.

To satisfy and prevent you from eating the real junk food!!

Other ideas can be , sugar free jello, puddings too.

Cucumber with lil bit of stevia if you are on the craving of cookies.

rice cake and peanut butter are also amazing.

and cool whip frozen oreo kind.

Other things will be given in your plan as we work together as well.

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