• vanesa zuluaga


Lets talk about those cheat meals and reffeeeddsss we all look forward to!

Our body is very smart, just like training the body can get use to or adapt to certain training or cardio. That is the reason we change it up.

I call it the treat meal;

Same thing when it comes to "dieting" or eating healthier as I like to call it.

The body can get use to eating same "plain" foods. To trigger the body we add refeeds or a cheat meal. aka. thats why its important to check in every week, because it all depends how your body is, how is reacting to a new plan . If the body seems depleted or drop a lot of weight or if things are going as plan, we add that cheat meal or reefed. It is normal to hold a lil bit more water or if the scale goes up that ok. It is all water retention does not mean you threw all your work away! Your body will thank you after, it will use that food as a re fuel, it will react faster to a new plan for the following week.

MOST IMPORTANT it is all part of the plan, does not mean go and eat pizza or burger or sweets every other day.. NO!

It is a plan treat meal!

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