• vanesa zuluaga

Cawliflower ideas

I cook in bulk all the time!

One thing I

do most of the time is the cawliflower rice, I add the coconut aminos (is like soy sauce)

then I add peppers, onions and sometimes mushrooms.

This is perfect you can add to any meal, its perfect for meals that dot have any carbs. This will make the meal feel bigger without adding alot of extra calories and keep you full for next meal.

I gave an example with the shrimp, I created like a fried rice shrimp meal.

You can do it with any protein meat you like.

On the third picture I use this cauliflower and put it on the wrap to make a burrito, adding also some spinach or lettuce and grill chicken, nothing fancy but its really good with the taco dressing and some pico de gallo

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